In Different Ways: 69 Love Songs Covered

Cover a track from 69 Love Songs!
Current Status: 51 tracks taken // 24 tracks recorded // 18 tracks available

Artwork by Nest of Cogs

Y'know 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields? Yeah? Well we're going to try covering it.

Here's how it will work. If you or your band fancy covering one of the sixty-nine love songs listed below, send an email to and let me know which song you'd like to tackle. I'll cross it off the list to let everyone else know that you've reserved that song, and you can send your version over whenever it's ready. Don't worry if you haven't got state-of-the-art recording equipment - if you can think of a good way to reinterpret one of these songs, it doesn't matter if it's lo-fi.

I've no idea if we'll actually manage to do all sixty-nine songs, but hey, let's see how far we can get. I'll upload the covers to SoundCloud as I receive them.

Oh, and if you need any help with the song you've chosen, check out - you'll find chords and/or tabs for all 69 songs there, along with pretty much everything else Stephin Merritt has done.

Here's the full list of songs - if it's not bold or crossed out, it's still available.

Reno Dakota (Requested by The Helveticats)
I Don't Want to Get Over You (Requested by Seazoo)
Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits (Requested by Pocket of Lollipops)
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
I Think I Need a New Heart (Requested by Defne)
Fido, Your Leash is Too Long (Requested by Alandcalled)
How Fucking Romantic (Requested by The Bows and Ties)
Punk Love (Requested by Ex-Supermodel)
Parades Go By (Requested by Dan Wallbank)
Boa Constrictor
My Sentimental Melody
Sweet-Lovin' Man (Covered by The Soft Close-Ups)
The Things We Did and Didn't Do (Requested by The Dodecahedrons)

Roses (Covered by Magana)
Love is Like Jazz
When My Boy Walks Down the Street (Requested by The Frozen Embryos)
Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old (Requested by My Name is Ian)
Very Funny
Grand Canyon (Covered by Jack Barnett)
No One Will Ever Love You (Requested by Adam Halton)
You're My Only Home (Requested by Neil Ashman)
My Only Friend
Promises of Eternity
World Love
Long-Forgotten Fairytale (Requested by Luce)
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Papa Was a Rodeo (Requested by Brilliantmind)
Epitaph for My Heart (Requested by Adam Koch)
Asleep and Dreaming (Requested by Scriber)
The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing (Requested by The Society of Poor Academics)
The Way You Say Good-Night
Abigail, Belle of Kilronan (Requested by Sweet Benfica)
I Shatter

Underwear (Requested by Adam Leonard)
It's a Crime (Requested by Bentcousin)
Busby Berkeley Dreams (Requested by Andrew Paul Regan)
Love in the Shadows
Bitter Tears
Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget
Experimental Music Love
Meaningless (Covered by Shiny Tiger)
Love is Like a Bottle of Gin (Requested by Erik Didriksen)
Queen of the Savages (Requested by Anniebovs)
Blue You (Covered by Neotropic)
I Can't Touch You Anymore (Requested by Craig Pearce)
Two Kinds of People
How to Say Goodbye (Requested by Joe Udwin)
The Night You Can't Remember (Requested by The Gazthatch Experience)
For We Are the King of the Boudoir
Strange Eyes (Covered by Roberta)
Xylophone Track
Zebra (Requested by Don't Call Me Caroline)

If you'd like to cover one of these songs, send an email to ASAP! Don't wait around, or somebody else might request your favourite song first!


  1. Hi. Where I can find to hear your cover songs? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi Ann - you can hear the covers here: