Friends of the Blog

Badass musicians, people who sell CDs, fellow music bloggers...they're all here on this page. Once you've trawled through The Album Wall's archive, here are some other sites that you ought to check out:

1p Album Club
Reviews of CDs bought for 1p on Amazon.

Audio Antihero
Independent record label with an eclectic (but consistently awesome) output.

Ed Stockham
Songs, videos, there anything Ed can't do?

For The Rabbits
A blog for music fans, written by a music fan and named after a Caitlin Rose song.

The Grey Estates
Wonderful music blog featuring ace new tunes, interviews, and other fun features like Toon Tunes (playlists inspired by cartoon characters).

The Lost Music Club
Record label specialising in "unreleased gems of the analogue age".

The Metaphorical Boat
Chris is constantly sharing nifty new tracks by up-and-coming artists.

Nest of Cogs
The Album Wall's official graphic designer - responsible for that sweet logo, among other things.

Nordic Music Review
UK-based blog focusing specifically on new music coming out of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Quiet Marauder
Mad music-makers and authors of 2013's best album: the four-disc, 111-track goliath that is MEN.

Spillers Records
Cardiff's - nay, the world's - #1 record shop. You can buy online but I'd heartily recommend visiting the store if you can.

Endless top 10 lists - if there's a band you've always been meaning to check out for years, a quick visit to Toppermost will give you a great idea of where best to start.

What if I Had a Music Blog?
Great songs and cynicism. If your finger is as far from the pop music pulse as mine then a visit to Natalie's blog will make you feel nice and with it for a bit.

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