Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 for Free

So you want some new albums to listen to, but you've spent all your money on food/petrol/Fabergé eggs? Fear not! Here are three rather good records that you can download gratis:

Secrets of the Witching Hour by The Crimea

Everyone got super-excited when In Rainbows came out and you could pay what you want for it, but the Crimea fans in the audience weren't all that impressed. And that's because some months previously, our favourite band had made their second album available online...for free! As you'll see in the sidebar on the right, this is one of my favourite albums EVER, so I'd strongly recommend that you download it as soon as possible. It's actually a pretty good summer album, in spite of its slightly downbeat themes.

Best Tracks: Don't Close Your Eyes On Me, Light Brigade, Several Thousand Years of Talking Nonsense

BOAT FOR SALE by Ed Stockham

BOAT FOR SALE cover art

Okay, I may be a little biased here because I know Ed personally, but this is definitely worth a download. It's a pay-what-you-want album, but it does look like you can pay nothing if you're so inclined (although you should definitely stump up whatever cash you can, I'm sure Ed will appreciate it). If you ever watched Spider! on CBBC, you'll find plenty to love here; it's lo-fi but lovely, and a great one for a rainy day.

Best Tracks: i'm not a wise old man, a monster on my shoulder, running

Terroruterino by Siesta!

Terroruterino cover art

Just because you don't understand a word they're singing doesn't mean it doesn't rock. Siesta! are a Spanish band whom I discovered through The Waiting Room (a very good radio show that features all kinds of weird and wonderful music), and this album is...well, it's a krautrock album that you could probably get away with playing at a party. Download if you like motorik beats and Mediterranean madness.

Best Tracks: A una chica llevaría una isla desierta, Turbomanises, Uranes

Do you have any good free albums to share with the class? Post a link in the comments below, preferably with a brief description of what it sounds like.

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