Friday, March 28, 2014

In Different Ways - Progress Report

I bet you're wondering how the 69 Love Songs cover project is going. Well, you'll be pleased to know that it's still trundling on - I uploaded this one only yesterday:

Some stats:
  • 17 of the 69 songs have now been recorded and uploaded to The Album Wall's SoundCloud page.
  • A further 24 songs have been reserved and crossed off the list. We're just waiting for those artists to finish their covers and send 'em over.
  • That leaves 28 songs still up for grabs.
Okay, so some of the remaining tracks were inevitably going to be picked last (Experimental Music Love, anyone?) but there are still plenty of good'uns left to cover as well. Some of my favourites have yet to be claimed, including Promises of Eternity, My Sentimental Melody, Long-Forgotten Fairytale and the gleeful closing track Zebra.

All of those songs are still waiting for somebody to adopt them. And it could be you! Just pop over to my 69 Love Songs page, choose a song that hasn't been crossed off yet, and email me (or tweet me) to let me know that you want to get involved. There's no deadline - just record the song and send it over whenever you can.

In the meantime, check this out - I've organised the covers that I've already receive into their respective volumes. So here's Volume 1 (as it stands):

Here's Volume 2:

And here's Volume 3:

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