Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Songs (Guest Post)

or, Sarah's 10 Songs to Cheer You Up After Josh & Joel's Bogus Journey

Last Monday, I listed 10 of my favourite sad songs. The Monday before that, my friend Josh listed 10 of his favourite sad songs. Today, I've something a little more cheery for you - a list of 10 super-happy songs, compiled for your enjoyment by my girlfriend Sarah.

Over to her...

Meow by Anamanaguchi
'Cause cats make everything better.

Try Again by Aaliyah
'Cause you've got to "dust yourself off and try again".

You Be Illin' by Run-DMC
'Cause other people make mistakes too.

Love Everybody by The Presidents of the United States of America
'Cause what goes around comes around.

Here Comes a Special Boy by Freezepop
'Cause if you imagine this song playing every time you enter a room it'll make you feel better...even if you're a girl.

We're From Barcelona by I'm From Barcelona
'Cause they're from Barcelona.

The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton
'Cause JUST LISTEN TO IT! [whispering] You'll understand.

Pretentious Friends by Modeselektor
'Cause the paté was faaaabulous.

My Chinchilla by Cub
Just 'cause.

Je Suis Un Funky Homme by Marmaduke Duke

And if you're too happy now...

No, Surrender by Justin Currie
'Cause this will remind of everything bad EVER. So sad it comes in two parts!

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