Monday, January 12, 2015

Songs About Albums

Write and record a song about your favourite album!

Are you a musician? Do you like albums as much as I do? Then here's something that you might want to get involved with: The Album Wall's Songs About Albums compilation!

Basically, I'm hoping that a bunch of cool bands and artists will write and record original songs about their favourite albums of all time. These songs will then be lumped together on Bandcamp - I'll probably ask Nest of Cogs to do some nice artwork - and given away as a free download.

If you'd like to write and record a song about your favourite album, please drop me an email on to let me know that you're interested. Here's what I'll need to know:
  • Your band/artist name
  • The album that you'd like to record a song about
  • Confirmation that you are happy for your track to be given away as a free download
You can also contact me on Twitter if that's easier.

The deadline for getting in touch is the 31st of January, and I'll need the completed recordings by the 31st of March. Your song can crib from any genre, and take any form - you could write a song about a particular track from your chosen album, or a memorable experience that you had while listening to that album.

I look forward to hearing everybody's ideas!

If you don't want to write an original song, why not cover a Magnetic Fields song instead? The Album Wall's 69 Love Songs Covered project is still ongoing, and there are still plenty of great tracks available to record!

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