Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Songs About Albums: Release Date & Teaser Track

"Hey, Joel! Remember that Songs About Albums compilation you announced a little while back? What's going on with that? Is it still happening?"

Indeed it is, chum. In fact, it even has a release date:

Saturday 13 June, 2015

Mark that day in your diary, because that's when Songs About Albums: Volume 1 will officially be made available for download - FREE download, mind you - from Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It will also be the 45th birthday of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, which is a cool coincidence (Weezer's debut album is the subject of Sweet Benfica's contribution to this project).

Of course, I wouldn't ask you to hang on for 7.5 weeks without giving you a little something to keep you going. You've already heard Long Car Journeys (R.E.M. Song), one of the tracks that will appear on the final compilation; here, for your listening pleasure, is another. It's a tribute to Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, and it was written and recorded by Oliver Cherer, a.k.a. Dollboy:

Here's a quick reminder of all the artists who'll feature on Songs About Albums: Volume 1 (and the albums that they'll be singing about):
See you on the 13th of June, folks.

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