Friday, May 15, 2015

EP Corner: Inc.A

When you think of 'dance music', you probably picture lasers and sythesisers and a bass drop. But dance music, as it turns out, doesn't need lasers and synthesisers and a bass drop. Sometimes, dance music can look like this:

The band in that photograph is Inc.A, who described themselves as an "eccentric 7-piece jazz, Balkan, drum and bass mash-up". They sound like this:

Well, it makes me want to dance. And there's not a synth in sight.

I suppose I'd better mention the EP, hadn't I? Inc.A came out back in the summer of 2012, and it's a five-track hootenanny that smelts all sorts of styles into something strong enough to chop off your head. Or, as I stated in an article that I wrote about Inc.A many a moon ago:
"They’re doing for dance music what Bellowhead have done for folk, jazzing it up and making it sound big enough to conquer a mid-sized country."
- Joel Dear, The Miniature Music Press

I stand by that summary (which, incidentally, is still quoted on the band's official Facebook page); when I finally get around to putting together an army and turning the world into my own personal Risk board, Inc.A will get first dibs on the role of military marching band.

Feel the ground shake as the glorious nation of MonJoelia stomps inexorably towards your borders.

Alternatively, perhaps I could become a wrestler and commission Inc.A to write my entrance theme? They've already done one for Simon M. Read (him out of Quiet Marauder):

You can hear the Inc.A EP in full on their Bandcamp page. I'd also strongly advise you to see them live if the opportunity presents itself.

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