Monday, January 4, 2016

2016: What's in Store?

With a whole year of new music ahead, here are the upcoming album releases I'm most excited for...

The Waiting Room by Tindersticks
The first all-new Tindersticks album since 2012's The Something Rain is due out on the 22nd of January. I wasn't a huge fan of The Something Rain, and I'm afraid I didn't bother with Across Six Leap Years, the retrospective thingy that came out in 2013 (six of its ten tracks are already in my iTunes library anyway); for my part, I'm hoping that The Waiting Room will be a return to the more colourful, dramatic likes of Falling Down a Mountain (2010) and The Hungry Saw (2008).

Confessions of a Romance Novelist by The Anchoress
A 'revenge pop' concept album produced by former Mansun frontman Paul Draper? Sign me the heck up. Oh, and speaking of Mansun...

Spooky Action by Paul Draper
I don't think Paul Draper's long-lost solo album has an official release date yet, but he's stated on Facebook that it'll be out at some point in 2016. It'll be interesting to listen to Spooky Action side-by-side with Confessions of a Romance Novelist - one wonders how much The Anchoress's influence will have rubbed off on our Paul.

Whatever by Modest Mouse
Or possibly Whabever. Either way, it looks like we can expect the wait for Modest Mouse's next LP to be far briefer than the gap between We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank and Strangers to Ourselves; as those who look closely at their CD sleeves will know, the latter album was tantalisingly subtitled The Golden Casket Vol. 1, and it would be cool if Whatever turned out to be some kind of sequel to the album that brought us Lampshades On Fire.

Public Library by The Burning Hell
As if Don't Believe the Hyperreal - my 9th favourite album of 2015 - wasn't wonderful enough, it looks like Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom (along with the other members of The Burning Hell) will have even more gifts to offer our ears before too long. Public Library will be the proper follow-up to 2013's People, so expect fuller, more rocked-up sounds than those heard on ...Hyperreal.

New Grandaddy LP
So far, all we know about Grandaddy's surprise new album is that Jason Lytle has been struggling to limit himself to 20 tracks per song. Still, just because the title and release date are still unknown doesn't mean that we can't get excited - I got addicted to Dept. of Disappearance (Lytle's second solo album) last year, so if it the new one's as good as that I'll be over the moon. Of course, it would be even better if it was in the same league as The Sophtware Slump...but let's not dream too big, eh?

On Summer Island by Guillemots
At this point, it almost feels naive to suggest that the world will ever hear the long-delayed fifth Guillemots album. But 2016 may well be the year it happens - last summer, Fyfe Dangerfield said that there were "all kinds of new things cooking up" but that he was "not expecting anything to be out until next year".

"Next year" is now this year, and so I'm hoping against experience that On Summer Island  may actually see the light of day before next January. Stranger things have happened - I mean, no one would have guessed last January that blimmin' Grandaddy would come back with their first new album since 2006, right?!

What albums are you looking forward to hearing in 2016? Leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter.

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