Friday, November 25, 2016

Songs About Albums: Volume 2 Coming Soon!

UPDATE (10 DEC 2016)
Songs About Albums: Volume 2 is now available to download from Bandcamp and SoundCloud!

* * *

Well, it's been a long time coming, but the second volume of Songs About Albums is finally almost ready!

For those who don't remember, Songs About Albums was a free-to-download compilation that The Album Wall released last year via Bandcamp and SoundCloud. It featured 10 songs by 10 different artists, each of whom chose a favourite album to sing about. There were heartfelt tributes to Murmur, Shoot Out the Lights, Transatlanticism, and a whole bunch of other LPs; it was rad, and now there's going to be another volume of it.

Songs About Albums: Volume 2 will be available to download for FREE from Saturday the 10th of December. It will feature original contributions from the following fabulous artists (the albums they've written about are shown in brackets):
Can't wait until the 10th? You can hear two of the eight songs right now - below are Skin to Skin by Laurence Made Me Cry and Painting by Albatross Archive.

If you want a pre-release download of Songs About Albums: Volume 2 for review / radio play purposes, drop me an email at!

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