Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Old Albums I Want Right Now

Following on from Wednesday's blog post - in which I listed five new releases I was lusting after - I will now select a few albums of a slightly older vintage. Most of these are still relatively new (none were released outside of my own lifetime, for example), but none of them are so new that they could reasonably be referred to as 'new' albums.

Got that? Then let's go...

Star of Love by Crystal Fighters
I went to Fopp in Manchester a couple of years ago and they had this album on the stereo. I asked the guy on the till what it was, he told me, and I asked to buy a copy. It was out of stock. I still lie awake sometimes, wondering why on Earth they were playing it to their customers if it wasn't available to purchase.

The track that has me excited: Xtatic Truth, a particularly memorable track that has kept Star of Love on my wishlist ever since Manchester.


Castaways and Cutouts by The Decemberists
Like that album by The Superman Revenge Squad Band, this was another recommendation that came from Twitter. Unlike The Superman Revenge Squad Band, I am already pretty well-acquainted with The Decemberists, but I'm yet to get my hands on Castaways and Cutouts because, well, I've never seen it in shops. But a hearty commendation from @Driver_8_Ace may well have me adding it to a virtual shopping basket very soon.

The track that has me excited: The one about your mum.


Humber Dogger Forties by John Mouse
I first came across John Mouse in the Green Man Festival's Far Out Tent. I've seen him several times since (albeit with fewer band members each time), and yet I still haven't gotten around to buying his probably awesome album. That will change...soon.

The track that has me excited: The Last Great Rhondda Romance, one of the most curiously heartwarming songs you're ever likely to hear.


Can Our Love... by Tindersticks
Tindersticks are good because, like Nick Cave, there's always another album in their discography. Since I acquired Curtains, this one has been next on my list, mostly for the cuddly donkey on the front.

The track that has me excited: I don't know any of the songs on Can Our Love... but, as my Curtains write-up demonstrated, that doesn't mean I won't love them. Here's one of my favourites from that album, Let's Pretend.


Love and Other Hideous Accidents by The Just Joans radio is a dear friend of mine, but it does have an irritating tendency to play amazing songs that are nigh-on impossible to track down afterwards. For example, I was thrilled when Eels released their Useless Trinkets compilation because it meant that I could finally get my hands on Rotten World Blues. Hideous Accident by The Just Joans is a great song, but finding its parent album has proved to be somewhat fiddly. Maybe I just haven't been trying hard enough.

The track that has me excited: The sort-of title track, represented here by a live performance because YouTube doesn't know the studio version.

So there you are - factor in the albums I mentioned on Wednesday, and you've got a pretty solid list to draw from if you ever need to buy me a present.

Actually, don't buy me any of these because I've just been paid and I intend to go shopping tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

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