Monday, August 25, 2014

Hub Festival 2014: 5 of the Best

How's your bank holiday weekend been thus far? I've spent a fair chunk of mine on Cardiff's legendary Womanby Street, where the 2014 Hub Festival was in full swing until a few hours ago. It's been a hoot, although with three sets of my own to play (two as Shiny Tiger, one on the drums for Scriber), I must admit that I didn't see as many bands as I might have liked to.

Still, I did catch a few crackers - here are five of the best, listed in the order in which I saw them:

(One-sentence descriptions only, sorry. I'm tired, and it's Bank Holiday Monday!)

Noisy and awesome and the drummer looked like Jesus so that's always a plus.

aaronsoncentral’s avatar
Instrumental three-piece playing sweet post-punk licks that reminded me of Public Service Broadcasting, a little bit.

Large-lunged chanteuse who shares my fondness for off-mic singing and plays great songs caught somewhere between bluegrass and the Brill Building. 

A wonderful smorgasbord of loops, gibberish and batshit insanity; my set was straight after Seth's, and I've never gone from "Hm, I hope these guys don't run into my time" to "Crap, how am I going to follow this?" faster.

Obviously, the band behind my Album of 2013 were going to make this list - my friends and I agreed that the drumkit was a great addition (gave everything a bit more oomph), and they closed with Welcome Home, Quiet Marauder which I was very happy about.

Did you spend the weekend at Hub Festival too? Feel free to share your favourite bands in the comments.

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