Monday, March 16, 2015

White Skull

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post called Epic Metal for Beginners. In it, I suggested three big 'n' brilliant heavy metal albums that I considered relatively accessible, particularly for newcomers to the metal genre.

I've occasionally thought about writing a follow-up to that blog. I'd call it 'Intermediate Epic Metal' or something like that, and I'd list another three albums for metal n00bs who are ready for something a little more advanced.

The first album on that list, if I ever do write it, will be Public Glory, Secret Agony by White Skull.

I actually got this album at the same time as Wishmaster, but White Skull didn't make my previous epic metal list because they're somewhat harder and heavier than Nightwish. Their sound - which certainly is not suitable for beginners - is chiefly built upon speedy guitarwork and pummelling drums that scarcely let up throughout the course of the album; at first, I couldn't even make it through Public Glory, such was its heavy metal density.

But this album has found its way back into my regular rotation of late, and now I'm really into it. There's some sort of Caesar vs. Cleopatra thread running through Public Glory - the tracklist is divided between Roman-themed songs (Greedy RomeThe Roman Empire, In Caesar We Trust) and ancient Egyptian stuff (Cleopathra, Anubis the Jackal, Valley of the Sun).

Oh, and there's also a song called Mangler, which seems to be about some kind of demon space god (didn't I already write a blog about this?)

Mangler is a great example of why I've finally come around to White Skull - not only have I learned to love their uncompromising sound, I've also learned to spot the humongous choruses that are hidden within. For all its difficult parts, this is still epic metal at its epic-est; if you're into metal, and if you can be bothered to track down a copy (White Skull are from Italy), I'd definitely recommend Public Glory, Secret Agony.

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