Friday, September 2, 2016

August Playlist: Getting Good at Sleeping In

Autumn technically doesn't start for another few weeks, but screw it - it's September, this unpleasantly hot 'n' sticky summer is almsot over, and it's time to dig out your favourite jumper and fall in love with music again. This playlist, featuring ten of the songs I listened to most last month, is as good a place as any to start:

1. Red by Okkervil River

(from Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See)

An exercise in elegant melancholy. The off-key organ solo is...somewhat less elegant, but as a whole, this track about an estranged mother and daughter thinking sadly of one another is very lovely indeed. Read my thoughts on its parent album here.

2. Mates by Race Horses

(from Furniture)

Meilyr Jones has been making a name for himself as a solo artist lately (read my review of his album, 2013, here), but I've recently been revisiting his former outfit's final album and I'm still finding it to be a wonderful piece of popcraft. Mates is a particular highlight: it's a wistful nod to a simpler, friendlier time, underpinned by a fabulously catchy hook.

3. Bookworm by Pulco

(from Farmyard & Library)

One of the gentler, more laid-back moments from Pulco's madcap new album. A nice soundtrack for browsing the shelves.

4. Florida by Grandaddy

(from Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla)

Perhaps the least Grandaddyish moment from Grandaddy's least Grandaddyish release. "I don't take no shiiiiiiit!!"

5. Youth by Daughter

(from If You Leave)

It was my birthday last month, and If You Leave was given to me as a present. Mind you, thanks to YouTube's autoplay function, Youth is a song I've been listening to for months: if you listen to Mogwai's Take Me Somewhere Nice, the next song up is Lullaby by Low (more on them shortly), followed by this beauty.

6. Bushwick Girl by CHUCK

(from My Band is a Computer)

My Band is a Computer isn't out for a week yet, but this gem of a track is available to download RIGHT NOW for FREE if you're so inclined. I've heard the whole compilation, and I can tell you that yes, it's all this good (although it's not all this upbeat).

7. You in This Light by The Hotelier

(from Goodness)

A kickass track that's positively infused with that 'brand new' feeling. I like the way that You in This Light recycles the guitar part from one of the interludes that precedes it on the album, but you'll have to listen to the whole thing (reviewed here) to appreciate that.

8. Drive Anywhere by Lisa Prank

(from Adult Teen)

The perfect analogy for adulthood: "I could drive anywhere, but there's nowhere I really want to go". More on Adult Teen here.

9. Murderer by Low

(from Drums & Guns)

Prior to seeing Low live last month, I never really noticed Murderer, tucked away as it is near the end of Drums & Guns. But it sounded fantastic when they played it in the Tramshed, so I dug out the studio version. Turns out it sounded pretty fantastic all along.

10. One Solemn Oath by Les Jupes

(from Modern Myths)

I supported these guys when they played in Cardiff a few years ago (just checked - oddly enough, it was four years ago to the day!). I love the singer's deep, Nick Cavey voice, and he really sells this rousing stomper. Be sure to check out Modern Myths (available here) if you like it.

Last month's playlist is here.

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