Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Playlist: My Heart Just Sunk

A new month means a new monthly playlist - here are 10 tracks, old and new, that made my ears very happy in May:

1. Waitress - Hop Along
(from Painted Shut)
Frances Quinlan from Hop Along (a band recommended to me in the wake of this blog post) is my favourite vocalist in rock right now. Her voice is at its best when she pushes it to and beyond its limits; there are moments in Waitress when it sounds like her throat is about to explode, and those moments are glorious. Top riff, too.

2. Sorry - Friends
(from Manifest!)
Friends are one of the bands I mentioned in my 'One-Album Wonders' blog last week. Sorry is just one of the many great moments to be found on Manifest!, and while singer Samantha Urbani sounds all fluttery and vulnerable here, rest assured that she's capable of being completely kickass and confident too (see I'm His Girl and Va Fan Gör Du).

3. Right Here - Libby O'Neil
(from Not Enough)
I reviewed Not Enough, Libby O'Neil's debut EP, the other week - it's a lovely collection of songs, but it's not without its sad and bitter moments. Right Here, seemingly all about trying not to be jealous when your partner is flirting with someone else, is a prime example.

4. Ban Marriage - The Hidden Cameras
(from The Smell of Our Own)
I've been reimmersing myself in The Hidden Cameras' back catalogue this month. Ban Marriage is one of my favourite songs of theirs, but rest assured that it's all of this quality - be sure to check them out if you somehow haven't already.

5. Wrong Cause, Right Words - Cutaways
(from Earth & Earthly Things)
Earth & Earthly Things was one of the many, many albums recommended by the people who kindly took the time to fill out my 'How Do We Consume Music?' survey last month. This was the first such recommendation that I actually followed up on, mostly because it's available for free (download it here if you like this track - I know I certainly do!)

6. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) - Eels
(from Blinking Lights & Other Revelations)
Blinking Lights was another album that I revisited this month (read my thoughts on it here). I'd forgotten what a headrush this song, the album's lead single, was; it just grabs you by the hand and yanks you along whether you're prepared for the journey or not.

7. The Girl with Electronics Inside - Hallelujah the Hills
(from A Band is Something to Figure Out)
I'm still trying to 'figure out' the latest Hallelujah the Hills album (which is probably why I haven't written about it on the blog yet), but I know I like it and I know this track is one of my favourites. The frantic "they get on, they get off" bit is a particular highlight.

8. Gerson's Whistle - Yeasayer
(from Amen & Goodbye)
I discussed the meaning of this song - and indeed this entire album - on Monday, but I didn't really mention what a great, chunky tune it has. I somehow didn't really notice Gerson's Whistle the first couple of times I listened to Amen & Goodbye, but I'm sure as heck noticing it now.

9. For Now - Mandy
(from Universe)
"Here's a little love, here's a little love, here's a little love..." You can almost picture Mel Fung (R.I.P.) Tossing out little handfuls of confetti to members of the audience as she sings this song. My review of Universe can be found here.

10. Le Mans - Matthew Pastkewicz
(from Hotel)
With nearly enough power to actually keep a bicycle steady with sheer sonic oomph, Le Mans is the pulsating, shimmering climax of Hotel and indeed of this playlist. Ciao!

Last month's playlist - featuring Mothers, Meilyr Jones, The Burning Hell, and more - is here.

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