Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Favourite Albums of 2016 So Far

2016 is just about half-over, the last six months having rocketed past with the velocity of a drumstick that the guy on the stool wasn't gripping properly. Today, I thought I'd share ten of my favourite albums from the first half of the year, so that's exactly what I've done: find them all listed below (in alphabetical order, just in case these turn out to be the best albums of 2016 overall - I want to preserve a little bit of mystery for my end-of-year list!)

Adore Life - Savages

"Thrillingly confrontational...almost scarily compelling"

Standout Tracks: Evil // I Need Something New // T.I.W.Y.G.
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Amen & Goodbye - Yeasayer

"A colourful cornucopia of bouncy pop and blissed-out psychedelia"

Standout Tracks: Silly Me // Dead Sea Scrolls // Cold Night

A Band is Something to Figure Out - Hallelujah the Hills

"Intellectual yet anthemic, accomplished yet thrillingly raggedy"

Standout Tracks: We Have the Perimeter Surrounded // The Girl with Electronics Inside // New Phone Who Dis

Beeps - Little My

"Positively dripping with gooey pop hooks"

Standout Tracks: All But the Beeps Meep // Quiet Times B // Post-Fixing

British Road Movies - Kate Jackson

"Finds a curious sort of romance in the beiges and greys of Britain's roadways"

Standout Tracks: The End of Reason // Homeward Bound  // Lie to Me

Confessions of a Romance Novelist - The Anchoress

"Dramatically of the best pop albums of the year"

Standout Tracks: What Goes Around // You and Only You // One for Sorrow

Moth - Chairlift

"Cool, crisp, and clean...forges a path into the future"

Standout Tracks: Romeo // Ch-Ching // Crying in Public
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Public Library - The Burning Hell

"Loads of little moments that will make you grin"

Standout Tracks: Men Without Hats // Good Times // Two Kings

The Waiting Room - Tindersticks

"Borne of a huge pile of feels a lot more alive than their last album"

Standout Tracks: Were We Once Lovers? // Hey Lucinda // Like Only Lovers Can

When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired - Mothers

"Really gorgeous...self-pity at its most sumptuous"

Standout Tracks: It Hurts Until It Doesn't // Nesting Behaviour // Lockjaw

So those are my favourite albums of the year thus far - what good stuff have I missed? Leave a comment with your top albums of the last six months, or let me know on Twitter.

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